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Welcome to the Distributed Software-Defined Networking (dSDN) Project


The dSDN Project (Distributed Software-Defined Networking) focuses on concepts and algorithms for distribution in the SDN paradigm.

Software-defined Networking (SDN) is a current trend in communication networks based on the concepts of control plane and data (forwarding) plane separation, and logically centralized control. A logically centralized controller configures the forwarding tables (also called flow tables) of switches, which are responsible for forwarding the packets of communication flows. SDN promises several advantages such as flexibility without sacrificing forwarding performance, high efficiency through optimized routing, ease of implementation and administration, and cost reduction. With the OpenFlow standard, a protocol with strong support from industry is already available today to implement SDN. Due to these advantages, we believe that SDN will have strong influence on networking infrastructures and protocols in the near future.

For more information about the research challenges, please visit the research page, or have a look at our publications.